This business is CWCNSL’s largest investment portfolio and our greatest proof to our management and execution skills of our team. These logistics hub are not only the future of our company but also the future of India.

  • PFT’s serves domestic cargo, primarily facilitating access to rail transport, and providing services including warehousing and transportation for incoming and outgoing cargo and last mile connectivity.
  • Our PFT’s also provide value added services including cargo aggregation and packaging.
  • Our PFT’s are located near to the cities there by facilitating round the clock handling and subsequent transportation by road.
  • Handling and warehousing at our PFT’s can be more cost competitive as compared to the good shed for large volumes as they benefit from mechanization and efficient process.    (visit …… facilities)

Parameter Thimmapur Panipat Ahmedabad
Total PFT area 44.40 acres 98.00 acres 60.34 acres
Commencement of operations November 2011 February 2016 January 2016
Warehouse size PFT warehouse of 16,165 sq. m. PFT warehouse of 17,655 sq. m. Steel warehouse of 6,000 sq. m.; PFT warehouse of 22,635  sq.  m.;  and general cargo  warehouse of 9,830 sq. m.
Rail Siding Three line railway siding and a train examination line Four line railway siding and a train examination line Three line railway siding and a train examination line