List of Directors of CWCNSL

  1. Mr. Rizwan Soomar
  2. Mr. N. Amrutesh Reddy
  3. Mr. Kevin D’Souza
  4. Mr. Devang Mankodi
  5. Mr. Chandrashekhar Pitre
  6. Mrs. Monal Srivastava
  7. Mr. Gaurav Khanna
  8. Mr. Vinod Giri

The group now collectively has the best in class infrastructure and has the capacity to provide the entire end to end supply chain services.


CWCNSL with its current and growing  infrastructure will retain its premier position as the largest private owned and operated logistics infra/services. Its growth in Port logistics, Bulk logistics, Rail link logistics parks, Agro logistics and Express logistics will take the group to enviable heights and will stand out to be a proud Indian multinational.

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